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Technical Writer

Technical Writer

You will be required to write on a broad and always changing variety of subjects. You are expected to learn the subject matter to the point that you can speak with confidence and authority. Your views should be researched until the subject is well understood and any unknowns have been resolved. Don’t make assumptions about a topic or process, keep learning until you have a clear and definite understanding. You will conduct interviews with people who are authorities relevant to the subject. You will occasionally perform your own experiments or other work to confirm your knowledge.

You will also define the target audience for your writing. You will research markets, looking for the behavior patterns of your target audience to understand how they think, talk, and read. If your work is for marketing or promotion, you will research competitive offers and the prevailing market for the subject.

If the purpose is to document software or equipment, you will test the software or equipment thoroughly to confirm its behavior and characteristics. You will test for suitability in any environments where the subject may be used to fully document any differences in performance or appearance. Environments might be various computer operating systems that can run a piece of software, different browsers for accessing a website, different geographic locations with varieties of terrain for operating a mobile robot, or any other external variable that may impact the use of a product or service.

You may be required to provide feedback and repeat testing to facilitate the refinement of products or services. When needed, you may collaborate with lawyers to produce content that is legally enforceable or binding. You will be required to document software and other products through users’ guides, product manuals, tutorials, etc.

You may be needed to write content for websites, blogs, advertisements, promotions, video storyboards and scripts, and other forms of media.
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