Rapid Prototyping

From Imagination to Realization

  • Fluid Deposition Manufacturing with ABS Plastic (3D Printing)
  • Laser Engraving
  • CNC Milling and Drilling
  • Wire Feed Welding
  • Silicone Molding
  • Resin Casting

Our highly flexible, computer controlled manufacturing equipment is extremely effective at converting ideas straight from imagination to reality with minimal time and high fidelity.

FDM (3D Printing) allows the creation of parts that cannot otherwise be machined, is easily prepped, and has modest rigidity and elasticity. Our printer’s 200x200x200mm work volume is large enough for the majority of the gears, brackets, levers, and other mechanisms we need.

Our Laser Engraver allows us to do ultra-precise cutting and etching, particularly for circuit boards. It is just a matter of minutes to take a circuit board from schematic to production using the laser and some acid to etch traces. Our milling machine finishes the job by drilling holes for any through-hole mounted components.

Our CNC Milling table, designed internally from the ground up features a 1.3x1.3m work surface with 200mm of vertical volume. It may be large, but it is also ultra-precise to within 0.005mm for certain tasks. Strong enough to mill MDF and acrylic yet precise enough to work with the utmost fidelity, the milling table expands our material choices and the size of our products.

For all things steel and iron, wire feed welding is the fastest and easiest way to create solid structures to support any workload. Our welder allows us to assemble custom brackets and structures that require strength far beyond what other materials can produce.

Silicone molding and resin casting allows us to reproduce high quality parts with a variety of properties ranging from highly elastic silicone foams to tough resins. Our degassing chamber eliminates excess air in the finished parts for professional, production quality.

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